2022. February 21.
Szerző: Ügyvédi Iroda

Do you want to sell your property to a foreign buyer? Or are you a foreign citizen buying a property in Hungary? Not sure how this is possible? What kind of paperwork is needed; what procedure should be followed for this? With our article, we will try to provide some help on these issues.

Foreign citizen and the permission

In the proceedings, a foreign citizen is a citizen who is from a non-EU Member State. A national of a Member State of the European Union, a State party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA) and a State treated as such by an international agreement shall be deemed to be a national of a Member State. In order for a foreign citizen to acquire the ownership of a real estate, the permission of the competent capital or county government office according to the location of the real estate is required. Here you will find the cases where it is not necessary to obtain a permit.

The application

The application must be submitted in writing in Hungarian on the form provided by the relevant government office. The form is bound and cannot be entered or deleted. The application must be accompanied by:

  • a notarized / or consul-certified copy of a valid document from the foreign applicant
  • a power of attorney certifying the right of representation of the authorized person
  • contract certifying the acquisition of property (eg contract of sale)
  • authenticated property deed
  • official certificate of ethics
  • proof of payment of the administrative service fee


An administrative service fee of HUF 3,600 per property is required for the e-authenticated title deed of the property, and the administrative service fee of the procedure itself is 50,000 HUF per property. A foreign natural person who has the right of free movement and residence, and initiated the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship, has to pay an administrative service fee of 10,000 HUF for the procedure for obtaining the permit required for the acquisition of the real estate.

The procedure

The time limit for the procedure is 45 days from the day on which the application is received by the determining authority, excluding any period of suspension, interruption, or delay of the client. If the application or its annexes do not comply with the legal requirements, a request for rectification will be issued within 8 days of its receipt. If the client does not comply with the request, the Government Office will terminate the proceedings.

If the application and its annexes comply with the law, the Government Office shall examine whether the acquisition of real estate is in the public interest and the interests of the municipality, by contacting the police, the National Directorate-General for Aliens Policing, the Criminal Registration Authority, and the mayor of the competent municipality.

Following the fulfillment of the requests, the Government Office decides on the application based on the information provided by the requested bodies, in which it authorizes or refuses the acquisition of the real estate.

Our office is at your disposal for the preparation of the sales contract, as well as for the subsequent procedure, please contact our colleagues.